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PVP Forms

No:Matter of ProceedingFee(BND)Form(PDF)
(a) Request to change the name and/or address of applicant for grant of protection
(b) Request to change the name and/or address of grantee
(c) Request to change address for service

(a) Filing of notice of appointment or substitution of procedural representative
(b) Change in name of procedural representative

PVP 3Application for grant if protection under section 13$1,600
PVP-TQ Technical questionnaire-
(a) Application to amend an application for grant of protection
(b) Application for rectification of error or omission in the register under section 41
PVP 5Notice of withdrawal of application for grant of protection under Section 19-
PVP 6Filing of notice of objection$340  
PVP 7Filing of counter-statement$325
PVP 8Filing of notice of appearance at hearing$650
PVP 9Request for examintation by local prescribed examination authority under section 17$20
PVP 10Request to submit examination report by a prescribed examination authority in any UPOV member$20
PVP 11Payment of annual fee and submission of information under Section 24(3)$100
PVP 12
(a) Application to register particulars of a transaction or matter under section 42
(b) Application to cancel or amend particulars of transaction or matter under section 42
PVP 13Application for the cancellation of grant of protection$50
PVP 14Notice of renunciation of grant of protection$50
PVP 15Request for an extension of time$30
PVP 16Application for a certified copy of an entry in the register or a certified extract from the the register under section 40(3)$30
PVP 17Filing of an order of the Court with the Registrar (other than in relation to an application under PVP 12 or PVP 13)$50
PVP 18Request for publication of matters under Section 15(i)$75
PVP 19
Request to extract the Registrar’s Certificate of Taxation

− Inspection of register under section 40(2) and obtaining of copies of documents and computer print-outs under section 40(4) –  Rule 80

(a) for each search per file

(b) for any document placed in the public search room –
(i) self-service photocopying of each page or part thereof using a stored-value card
(ii) photocopying of each page or part thereof by staff of Registry

(c) for photocopying of each page or part thereof of any other document by staff of Registry

(d) for each page of computer print-out from an electronic database of Registry